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My new site is finally up and running! It was getting far too confusing having a blog here and photos somewhere else, so have decided to make it nice and simple and house everything under one roof over at

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By Pete Sloan Photography

Blam! @ Ort Cafe, Birmingham {08.06.12}

Last night was the launch of Blam! – a cooperative group of the most active of Birmingham’s younger generation of jazz musicians and is dedicated to advancing jazz and improvised music in the city. It was a great night watching various members of Blam! collaborating together.

Here’s some of the photos I took in Ort Cafe:

If you live in Birmingham then I’d highly recommend checking out one of the gigs they’re putting on over the coming week. You can follow them on twitter too: @blambirmingham

By Pete Sloan Photography

TG Collective at The Polish Club

To celebrate the release of their latest album – “Release The Penguins”TG Collective performed an awesome gig at the Polish Club, Birmingham tonight (25th May 2012).

A rare British heatwave, and a venue seriously lacking in air conditioning, added to the atmosphere of the flamenco, gypsy-jazz and contemporary classical sounds. TG Collective are centred around guitarists Jamie and Sam, with Percy on double bass and trumpet, Holly on the flute, Louis on the violin and Joelle on percussion / cajon. Support came in the form of Dan Wilkins (solo Kora).

Here are some of the photos I took of the gig tonight…

You can follow TG Collective on Twitter and Facebook, as well as hearing their music on SoundCloud.

By Pete Sloan Photography

The Baskerville Arms, Hay-on-Wye

I visited The Baskerville Arms a couple of weekends ago to take some photos for their new website. The hotel & pub is lovely and is in a stunning location just on the outskirts of Hay-on-Wye in a place called Clyro. It’s the first time I’ve taken photos of a business and I thoroughly enjoyed it – especially the food shots taken in the kitchen…

By Pete Sloan Photography

Once Upon a Time in the Midlands at Six Eight Kafé

A few shots from the Once Upon a Time in the Midlands event at Six Eight Kafé before heading out in the rain to shoot some 48SHEET billboards

By Pete Sloan Photography

48SHEET Event ft. Papergirl Birmingham

A few photos taken at the 48SHEET Event in the Mailbox which also featured work submitted to Papergirl Birmingham. Watch this space for more from Papergirl Birmingham…

Please follow and support those involved in these projects: 48SHEET and PapergirlBHM

By Pete Sloan Photography

A Reflection of 48Sheet

Between the 2nd and 29th April 2012, the city of Birmingham was turned into an open air urban gallery as the 48Sheet project descended on the city. The concept was to transform up to 100 billboards into platforms for creative expression by 29 local, national and international artists.

In collaboration with 48Sheet and Birmingham Loves Photographers, the photography project I also run – Birmingham {Viewpoint} – put together a photography project / competition where those visiting 48Sheet were asked to submit one photo to the project. The results can be seen here.

As 48Sheet draws to an end, I realised that I hadn’t actually been out and taken any photos of it – mainly due to me cutting my hand opening a beer bottle and not being able to function properly for the last 5 weeks! So I decided to head out in the rain / sun, armed with my camera, literally in one hand, and took the following photos.

I was a bit frustrated at how the weather wasn’t great for the photos, but after I’d shot the first couple of billboards an idea came to mind to utilise the heavy rain we’d just had – hence a lot of the billboards being shot reflected in puddles…

48Sheets takes over Birmingham’s Billboards!!

48SheetBirmingham Loves Photographers and Birmingham {Viewpoint} have joined forces to bring you an AWESOME photography project.

48Sheet is a project by EC Arts. Its an artistic intervention aiming to transform the city of Birmingham and parts of the region into a unique gallery by utilising up to 100 billboards to exhibit work by regional and national artists. Commissioned artists will create work in response to the projects overarching theme of ‘cultural curiosity’. The project challenges the repetitive rhythm of a traditional advertising campaign by creating a network of distinctive responses that will raise levels of consciousness and arouse curiosity.

So, what is this awesome project you talk of?

Well, using the very helpful map facility on the 48Sheet website for you to locate all the billboards being utilised, we’d like you to go onto the streets of Birmingham and take photographs of the 48Sheet project. We’d then like you to submit ONE photo that you think documents the work of 48Sheets in Birmingham to Please feel free to upload ALL your photos to the Birmingham Loves Photographers Flickr page and tag the photos “48Sheetsphoto” Also, if you could share this project or your photos via Twitter, please use the #48Sheetsphoto.

So whats in it for me?

The reward for taking part will be pretty amazing for one of. Chosen by Birmingham Loves Photographers and Birmingham {Viewpoint}, the winning photo will be used by 48Sheet for their official publicity, including a limited A5 print of the photo. Ultimately giving you and your photo great exposure.

The deadline for submitting your photo is midnight on Sunday 15th April 2012 – so you haven’t got much time! Best stop reading this blog and get out shooting!

Good luck…

By Pete Sloan Photography


As you may or may not know, I run a photography project in Birmingham called Birmingham {Viewpoint}. The concept of the project is to see the different ways different people view the same thing. Each month I announce a new subject and photographers in Birmingham have until the end of the month to take one photo of that subject – however they want to.

This months subject was Birmingham Canals (all the submissions can be viewed here). Being a coastal boy, I do like water, but one thing Birmingham can’t offer me is a coast. But what it lacks for in coastal offerings, it more than makes up for with its selection of canals. Its a well known fact in these parts that there are more miles of canals in Birmingham than there are in Venice.

It was never going to be a tricky subject to get a photo for. But I think I knew from the off that I would struggle limiting myself to just one photograph! So, I thought I’d share not only the photo I chose for Birmingham {Viewpoint}, which is the first photo you’ll see, but also all the other photos I took along the way…

By Pete Sloan Photography

So, I’m going to run the Kenilworth Half Marathon!

Over the past month and half I’ve taken up running. Its not something I’ve ever really been interested in, but after speaking with a mate over a couple of beers we both decided that we needed to get fit – running was mentioned, along with a very short discussion about the Birmingham Half Marathon.

Since then, we’ve been on a few yogs (that’s not a typo, that’s what they’re called!). Admittedly, we’ve not done as many as I think we’d both like, but sadly I’m not getting any younger and I think my knees are having a few teething problems getting back into the whole yogging lark – plus I’ve had the added complication of damaging my hand recently.

So to get myself motivated (and to encourage me to keep on running), the half hearted talk of the Birmingham Half Marathon recently became a reality. Sadly, it was as short lived as the original conversation – as it falls on the weekend I’m more than likely going to be away for my Honeymoon!

Not one to be put off, I did a quick Google search for half marathons in the Midlands and found a delightful half marathon in Kenilworth taking place on Sunday 2nd September. Apparently (according to the Kenilworth Runners website):

The Kenilworth Half Marathon follows a pleasant course through the Warwickshire countryside and is popular with runners of all abilities each year, recently being voted into the prestigious Runners World Top 50 races list where the event was praised by the magazine for ‘efficient organisation, a friendly atmosphere and a scenic but undulating out-and-back course’.

And that’s where we’re at. We’ve registered and paid our fees to put ourselves through the 13.14 mile course.

So what do I need from you?

Well, as much encouragement as you can offer. Every time I go for a run, I log it here on my RunKeeper page, as well as on Twitter, so feel free to offer me messages of encouragement etc… along the way.

I’m also going to be collecting sponsorship for the run too.

Over the past few months I’ve been having the following symptoms: dizziness, mood swings, blurred vision, irritability, restless sleeping, fatigue, and feeling weak. I’ve been seeing doctors and having various ongoing tests to try to find out why I’m showing these symptoms. One suggestion has been low blood sugar levels (also known as Hypoglycemia). Whereas Diabetes can be insulin dependant, what seems to be going on with me is the opposite. Its thought that I’m producing too much insulin which is preventing the right levels of sugar entering my blood stream and causing the symptoms I’ve been showing of late.

Although Hypoglycemia is strongly linked to Diabetes, I’m not diabetic. However its the closest charity I could find linked to what it looks like I have, so I wanted to raise as much money as I could for this cause.

If you would like to sponsor me, please feel free to give as much or as little as you can to support this charity and encourage me to keep going when I know the training will start getting harder. There are a couple of ways you can sponsor me:

Clicking the link below will take you to my JustGiving page…

JustGiving - Please sponsor me!

Or you can sponsor me by texting “PETE79” followed by the amount, to 70070. So if you wanted to sponsor me £5, you’d text “PETE79 £5” – it really is that simple! And, the text doesn’t cost you a penny – even better!

Thanks very much…